Research Affairs Directorate Held Its First Validation Workshop

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Posted on: Dec 27,2018

Research Affairs Directorate held its first Validation Workshop for Completed researches of DDU from November 6-7, 2018. Research Affairs Directorate Director, Dr. Getachew Liben, first, welcomed the University’s president, Dr. Yared Mammo, the Vice Presidents, staff, invited guests and the stake holders to the completed researches validation workshop on his welcoming speech, he addressed that research workshops are strategies for researchers, educators, practitioners, policy makers and stakeholders to exchange potential ideas and research findings. 

Dr. Getachew informed that 20 papers would be validated on the workshop. Those were, 2 from College of Natural and Computational Science, 1from College of Social Science and Humanities, 4 from College of Business and Economics, 10 from College of Medicine and Health Science and 1 Multi-disciplinary research from across colleges. Dr. Girma Moges, Research and Community Engagement Vice President, besides, thanked and congratulated the researchers on his welcoming speech, for they created the prime gathering opportunity for the participants to conduct scientific discussions in the workshop. 

In the meantime, Dr. Girma indicated that DDU conducted many researches since it was established. However, dissemination of research outputs is limited to publications for promotion and the University still unable to transfer innovations and technologies that could solve the real problem of the society for various reasons. For instance, he reasoned out that the University’s weak linkage with stakeholders, the core process, RCS, was not well designed in such a way that handles processes important to produce or /adopt and adapt/ and transfer innovations and technologies to the community. In other words, identification of need for a technology, production of a technology, adoption and adaptation of a technology; and transfer of a technology, etc, were separate sub-processes but integrative to each other and the whole core process. Moreover, Dr. Girma Moges suggested on his speech that all have to establish a strong UniversityStakeholder forum that eases to track stakeholders’ need on time. For these reasons, the University organizes a workshop at the beginning of December to establish a forum with stake holder. At the end of the forum, academic units are expected to link with specific stakeholder to conduct research and community services within the frame work agreement document expected to be signed by DDU, Government Organizations and NGOs. Finally, he requested the participants to demonstrate their active participation in the workshop because their scientific comments could enhance the quality of research papers.

Dr. Yared Mammo, President of the University reminded the participants in his opening speech that research workshops are strategies for researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers to exchange potential ideas and innovative research findings. Moreover, the president explained that since the country experiences structural transformation to the socio economy, it should be backed by innovative researches. In line with the national directions, he said the University’s research strategy has been tuned up to focus on problem solving and innovative researches which meet the demand of the market and community needs. In the meantime, he appreciated all who were going to present their completed researches. He encouraged the researchers to publish their completed research on a reputable journal. When they do that, they would develop the culture of conducting demand driven innovative researches, and the publication would benefit them to get promotion on their academic rank. 

Such conference gives a worthwhile learning opportunity. But this shouldn’t be an end task; rather it is a means to an end. Then, he acknowledged the organizers of the workshop, and he welcomed and wished all of the participants to have an excellent conference with a worthwhile learning opportunity. Finally, the president declared the workshop was officially opened.